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American DJ Royale 3D - The groundbreaking new fixture adds a whole new dimension to lighting with green and violet blue laser beams that dart across dance floors, walls and ceilings to create a multi-dimensional feeling that will sweep audiences off their feet. The rotating lasers of the Royal 3D perk up every corner of the room with luxuriant, dazzling color, thanks to the unit’s incredible 90-degree beam angle that allows the beams to wash the entire area with its intense color and striking patterns

Quantum 3D3 Laser Light - this Illumination quantum 3d-3 has red and green laser beams that move to create mesmerizing patterns that move and animate both independently and in synchronisation with each other. Along with firework and star burst effects it also projects 3d style patterns that will captivate the audience.

3 Acme Rovers - The Acme Rover is a 250 watt lighting system. It’s a superb independent lighting display with 15 gobos and 11 colours. It provides a synchronised performance when linked with another 2 Rover lights. The Rover package is a formidable and intense lighting show.

2 Acme Falcons – The Acme Falcon is a 250 watt lighting system it’s a superb independent lighting display with 14 gobos with built in colours it provides a synchronised performance when linked with another Acme Falcon These lights are great, With built in programs that twists, squeezes and strobes.

1 Acme Stormbird - This Acme Stormbird is a stunning 250 watt lighting effect with an internal prism that radiates three lots of gobo light patterns across the dance floor it has a large surface coverage and 18 gobos with built in colours, the Stormbird can more than hold its own as the centre piece of the lighting rig.

2 Equinox 1.5M Flame Effect light - These 1.5m led Flame Machine,s from Equinox creates an extraordinary dramatic flame effect and is a must for stages, events and wedding discos. With there 54 Ultra Bright Leds the led Flame machine's breath taking effects will inject heat into any party. (These lights are currently only used on Wedding Discos please ask if you want these effects at your function.)

Black LEDJ Tri coloured Star cloth – This Star Cloth has 72 ultra bright TRI Coloured LED's that dance and create patterns in time to the music that fits to the front of the rig adding a professional image to the rig and also hiding unsightly cables.

White Tri Coloured Star cloth - This Star Cloth is the 1st and only Tri Coloured Star Cloth in the UK it has 72 ultra bright TRI coloured LED's that dance and create patterns in time to the music that fits to the front of our rig and also hiding unsightly cables. 

2 DAS Audio DR 15s - 2800 WATT Speaker system - The DAS Audio speaker combine the best of lightweight portability with premium quality sound performance and high output capabilities. The Dr 15 is a very powerful 1400 watt peak power performance per speaker with an extremely efficient 15 inch woofer that is capable of a seriously impressive and very punchy bass & mid range output.

Vivid Fog Haze Machine - A 700 watt fog machine combined with a quiet, top-mounted fan in the front to quickly disperse the fog and fill a room with sub level haze. This avoids the thick, white cloud associated with standard smoke machines and further emphasizes the lighting display (venue permitting).

DJ Laptop - state of the art laptop with a high performance DJ Mix software with fast access to over 100,000 tracks, ensuring requests can be played quickly and at the touch of a button.

Licence & insurance – all our equipment is fully PAT tested (portable appliance testing) and we have a £2 million public liability insurance so you and our equipment is safe at every venue

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